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Contaminated water could lead to many health issues. Moreover, the scarcity of this resource also makes it important to be purified and reused. Therefore, water treatment is a crucial task for industrial, commercial, as well as residential areas in Maryland.

When we talk about water filtration systems, there are multiple options available and all of them have their own benefits. However, we need to keep in mind certain things before we choose the best option to use. Our basic requirements should match with the technical specifications of the system.

Water Filtration System

Things to consider before you install a water filtration system in Maryland:

There are various factors such as water quality & pressure, pH level, space available, etc. which should be considered before finalizing the best purifier.

Water Quality

The first step before installing a water filter is to know about the water. Testing the water quality gives a clear idea about the type of purifier required to treat the water as different filtration systems eliminate different impurities. The one-size-fits-all formula is not applicable here. Therefore, testing the water quality and identifying the impurities present in it is a crucial step before finalizing the purifier. Now you know the hardness, iron, Sulphur, and pH levels of your water. This can be done with professional help.

Source of water and TDS levels

Total dissolved solids (TDS) in water can be checked with a TDS meter. Usually, a high level of TDS is present in groundwater sources, whereas, municipal corporation water has comparatively low TDS levels. Identifying these levels helps you select the system that suits you best. In a low TDS level, most of the time, some essential salts and minerals are reduced from the water which can be contrary to good health in the long run.

TDS should be at an approximately accurate level which is recommended for good health. Hence, a purification system is selected on the basis of the TDS levels keeping intact the amount of minerals and salts required by our body.

Water pressure /flow rate

The pressure of the water or flow rate is to be checked before finalizing a water filtration system as these have a particular range of pressure to work more efficiently.

Chemicals in the water

Once the water test is done, you will know which minerals and salts are present in the water and at what percentage. This is important because at times it may so happen that a particular water treatment system may remove or reduce one contaminant but increase or add another. For example, if you install and an iron exchange system, usually perfect to remove/reduce iron and manganese, it may add sodium to the water. It could be harmful to high blood pressure patients.

Maintenance and cost of consumables

Besides the initial cost of the system and installation, maintenance is also a part of the package. The membranes and cartridges need to be replaced periodically. Consider this point as well.

Water from the tap may be clear but it is quite possible that some invisible purities are present which are not good for our health. Therefore, water purifiers are becoming extremely popular with the most advanced technology. Choose a particular water filtration system that suits your needs. The above points will definitely help you to finalize the best one for your area.

Now that you know what to think of when buying a water filtration system, all you need to do is contact a reputable company to purchase one. At Peninsula Water Conditioning Inc., we have the best range of water filtration systems in Maryland. Our experts will work towards understanding your needs and help you choose the right equipment.
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