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When you get brown colored water or spot reddish-orange stains on bathroom and kitchen fixtures, you must know that the water contains iron in excess quantity. Read on to know the damages caused due to iron as an impurity and how using an iron water filter can solve the problem.

How Does Iron Get into the Water?

There are two ways through which iron seeps into the water:

1. Infiltration

Water in the form of melted snow or rain flows through the soil and gets mixed into the water supply. The iron from the soil dissolves into the water, resulting in the accumulation of minerals in high quantities.

2. Rust and Corrosion

Exposure to the combination of oxygen and water causes the pipes and casings of the water supply to deteriorate and corrode. Rust is a natural by-product of iron corrosion that often seeps into the water supply.

Is Iron in Water Harmful?

Iron is an essential mineral that our body requires to function adequately. However, like many elements, it is also toxic when consumed in high dosages.

Although it will not affect your health adversely, iron can cause expensive damage to water fixtures, and pipes, and lead to other issues.

Damages Caused by Iron Present in Water

1. Clogs

When iron gets mixed with water, it often accumulates, thus clogging washing machines, dishwashers, water pumps, sprinklers, and other appliances that use water. This results in expensive maintenance and repairs.

2. Stains

Iron in the water damages dishes, clothes, and water fixtures such as taps, tubs, and sinks. It also causes brown or red spots and blemishes that are difficult to reduce.

3. Spoils Taste

Using water that contains iron affects the taste and appearance of food and beverages. It induces a foul, metallic taste that gets carried into your preparations such as tea and coffee as well. It also adds an unpleasant blackness to the food.

How to Get Rid of Iron From Water?

Here are the two main water treatments for iron removal:

1. Water Softener

Designed to treat hard water by removing minerals, a softener helps to get rid of small quantities of iron. However, it is not a filtration media which is why the minerals get settled down. So a softener alone is not an effective solution to removing iron from water.

2. Iron Water Filter

Since a water softener alone cannot solve the problem, an iron filter can be used to do the job. It often uses a layer of ozone to reduce iron from naturally at home. This also destroys bacteria and sulfur in the water.

Choose Our Hellenbrand Iron Water Filter

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