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reduce Iron & Rust from Your Water With an Affordable Iron Filter from Peninsula Water Conditioning!

Iron causes rust stains and is the leading cause of odor or bad smell coming from your water supply.

reduce Iron & Rust from Your Water With an Affordable Iron Water Filter from Peninsula Water Conditioning!

Iron causes rust stains and is the leading cause of odor or bad smell coming from your water supply.

Iron is a naturally occurring mineral commonly found in Maryland water. As a matter of fact, local residents have said this is their #1 water concern in a recent poll we conducted!

There are a couple of types of iron – one that’s dissolved in your water and one that is in particle form. Both are treated different ways which is why a FREE in-home water test can help you determine the best solution for your water so you can fix the root issue.

Depending on the type of iron you may have, there are affordable options available through Peninsula Water Conditioning.  We will test your water on-site and provide fast and accurate results while we’re there. There’s no obligation to purchase equipment from us as our goal is to provide valuable information to help you make the best decision for your home and family.


Improves the quality of water: Water may have a high concentration of manganese as well as an abundance of iron. Our iron filter for water purifiers can reduce these unwanted components from water and give you drinking water in the colorless, odorless form that it is naturally meant to be in. Also, our iron filters for well water are an excellent choice for getting clean water for bathing and washing.

Enhances the longevity of your appliances and fixtures: Rusty water can lead to damage to your appliances, fixtures in the bathroom or kitchen, pipes, etc. Our top-quality iron filter can help reduce damaging minerals from the water and save you repair and maintenance expenses.

Eliminate and prevent sediments: Sedimentation can make the water look, taste, and smell bad. Our iron filters are designed to prevent sedimentation completely.


High Performance: One of the most important factors that you must consider in an iron filter is performance. Not only should your filter be fast but also efficient in removing iron from well water, it should do so without demineralizing it. Our iron removal filters use Ozone (O3) for filtration. O3 filters effectively reduce iron, manganese, sulfur, and other contaminants faster than other filters.

Eco-Friendly: The Storm System incorporated in our iron removal filter is Green Technology. This means you do not have to worry about the use of hazardous chemicals. Furthermore, our iron removal systems are environmentally safe and an adequate choice for septic systems.

Self-Diagnostic Software: Our intelligent iron filter will inform you about system operation and maintenance schedule, and even provide you with the contacts of the local service provider, making maintenance an easy task for you. This makes it the best iron removal system for individuals who have a busy schedule and find it difficult to keep a tab on maintenance.

Auto Regeneration: One of the most interesting features of our iron filter is that it initiates an auto regeneration cycle based on the number of days and the number of gallons passing through the system. During this cycle, a fresh head of ozone is provided by the ozone generator in the system.

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Verified Local Reviews 

Peninsula Water Conditioning, Co. truly exceeds all expectations! Their exceptional service and responsiveness set them apart from the competition. Recently, I contacted them for a delivery of 12 bags of salt, and they not only delivered promptly but also stacked them neatly inside my garage. The small cost difference compared to purchasing from a big box store was well worth the convenience and quality service provided by PWC. For all your water conditioning needs, Peninsula Water Conditioning, Co. is the only choice you should consider!!Thom Gulyas - Berlin, MD
I highly recommend them . They worked with us until our water system was 100% right . We don’t have the easiest water to work with but they made it right and made sure we were 100% satisfied!!! Means a lot now a days and I would back them up in a heart beat !! Thank you guys for working with us !!!!! 5 stars plus !!!!
I cannot say enough about this company. From our first call to request a check on our old system and to see if we need a new one, the receptionist was very pleasant and helpful. Within a day or two we were contacted by Bill and scheduled his visit. A new system was decided upon since ours was so old and the iron level still moderately high. Again we were contacted later that day and set up installation the following week. The installers were polite and excellent at their job. In no time we had it installed with excellent water (no iron). One of the best experiences we have had with contractors in this area.
Had concerns my old water softener wasn't working so I asked Bill to check it. The system was very old and obsolete. He came out and tested my water and told me it was working fine, and that I didn't need a new system. I greatly appreciate Bill's integrity and honesty, as he could have easily sold me a system I didn't need. Highly recommend and will use in the future.
I was facing a lot of problems with the kind of water I get in my home. But the people from Peninsula Water came just after a single call from me! I must say they provide great water treatment services in Fruitland. Now I get clean drinking water. Thank you!
Response from the owner: Thank you, Gary! We are happy to be of any assistance.

Frequently Asked Iron Water Filter Questions

An iron water filter is a widely used water treatment equipment. It helps to reduce iron from the water, preventing stains on your fixtures and getting rid of the odiferous smell. Our ProMate 6 Iron Curtain Jr Storm is an effective iron filter.
Whether you have a well water or city water source, iron is a common contaminant. It can add a metallic taste to your water and prevent hard-to-reduce rust stains on appliances and fixtures. Hellenbrand ProMate 6 Storm is equipped with the latest technology to precipitate iron, sulfur, and manganese from water.
Our Hellenbrand iron filter uses green technology and is environmentally safe for septic systems. It comes with self-diagnostic software that can inform the users of the flow rates, time and maintenance schedule, and operation sequence. It is designed to reduce iron particles from the water and help improve its taste and quality.
Our iron water filter results in a low-cost operation. This is because the filter is made to perform effectively and lasts long. Also, it requires low maintenance.
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What is the best water filter?

The best water filter is the water filter that meets all of your family & home’s needs. Here at Peninsula Water Conditioning we believe the best water filter.

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It is recommended that you change your water filter every 3 to 6 months. For an easy change, contact Peninsula Water Conditioning at 443-594-8479 to schedule regular water filter service.

How to install water filter?

While you can install a water filter by yourself, we recommend that you hire a professional for all your installation, maintenance, and repair needs.