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Water filtration systems need to be sanitized after a prolonged period of disuse. If your water filter has been out of use for a protracted period, you must ensure that it is cleaned and sanitized before you resume using it. The reason behind sanitizing your water filter is to remove any bacterial growth that would have happened in the filter during the period of disuse. Bacterial growth can cause several health issues for you and your family. So if you have been out of town and your home water filtration system has been out of use for some time, here’s what you need to do:

Cleaning a Water Filter That Has Been Out of Use for About a Week

For a reverse osmosis system, you will have to flush the membrane and the filters if your water filtration system has been out of use for up to a week. Start by emptying the tank. If you know that you have to be out for a week, you should empty the tank before you leave. Continue emptying the tank till the pump supply turns on. Flush the RO system for ten minutes and allow all the water to drain out. If your system has multiple outlets, make sure each outlet is drained for at least ten minutes. For an under-sink or whole house water filter, flush the system for at least five minutes. Reconnect your system to the water supply to bring the filter back into operation and run the water through it for a good 5 minutes to displace any microbial growth that may have taken place.

Cleaning Your Reverse Osmosis System

In case you are replacing your filters, you need to first sanitize your RO system. To do this, get a good quality sanitizing solution and dip a bottle brush in it for some time. Now use this brush to scrub the insides of your system to ensure that any microbial growth hiding in the crevices of your RO is removed. Following this, you can install new filters and membranes. Make sure you run water through these filters and membranes and discard them before resuming usage. You can reach out to Peninsulawater, experts in water filtration systems, products, and solutions for help!

How to Sanitize Your RO System

You can sanitize your RO system yourself. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to sanitize your RO system at home:
  1. Clean your hands or wear gloves
  2. Turn off the water supply to your system
  3. Disconnect any connections to the refrigerator or ice-maker
  4. Drain the tank
  5. Remove all pre-filters and membranes
  6. Reconnect all filter covers to the system except that of the pre-filter
  7. Pour the sanitizer into the pre-filter and connect it back to the system
  8. Turn the water supply on
  9. Wait for the sanitizer to sit for some time and flush the entire system
  10. Disconnect the water supply and drain out the water
  11. Replace all filters and membranes
  12. Reconnect the water supply
If you need expert help, you can reach out to Peninsulawater for expert advice and aid in cleaning your water filtration system!

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