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Chlorine is the most popularly used disinfectant that is used to sterilize drinking water. Although it was first used in the USA, this method of water filtration is now practiced worldwide to make drinking water safe for human use and consumption, along with water filtration systems. Chlorine is a cheap option and hence is widely used by municipalities to disinfect water across the globe. Similar to chlorine, chloramines are widely used to disinfect water too. Chloramines are formed when chlorine and ammonia are added to water and are effective against bacteria, protozoa, and other microorganisms. A major reason for the use of chloramine is its long-lasting effect. As a result, people who live on the outskirts of the city or at the end of the water supply line receive disinfected water.

Effect of Chlorine and Chloramines

Even as chlorine and chloramines sterilize water, they have several ill effects on the human body. From aggravating skin conditions to corroding rubber and metal pipes, there are several unwanted effects of these two. Here’s a quick look:

Skin and Eye Irritation

If you walk out of your shower with bloodshot eyes, it is time you get the quality of the water running from your tap checked. Chlorine and chloramines are notorious for causing eye irritation and at the same time aggravating skin conditions such as eczema and acne. They can cause hive-like breakouts and cause your skin to become dry and flaky. Home water filtration systems can be a great remedy to this issue.

Alter Taste and Odor of Water

Detest the smell of pool water? That revolting smell is the result of chloramines in the water. Chlorine can alter the taste of water and chloramine lends a distinctive odor to it. Installing a home water filtration system can help you solve this problem to a great extent.

Corrodes Rubber and Metal

Chloramines gradually corrode rubber. If you have been noticing that your O-ring seals and rubber in your dishwasher, sinks, and laundry machines are corroding, you know who to blame now. Chlorine and chloramines also degrade the metal. If you have been noticing corrosion in your metal pipes, it is simply because of the damaging effect of chlorine and chloramines in your water. You can get a whole house water filtration system to solve this issue.

Toxic Effect on Fish and Plants

If you have an aquarium at home, then make sure that you are changing the water regularly. Chlorine and chloramine can have toxic effects on fish as they have very delicate internal systems that can sustain fatal damage. You might wonder if there is an option for removing chlorine and chloramines from water and protecting your health, your assets, and your pet fish. The good news is that there is a solution – whole home water filtration systems. High-quality water purifiers can reduce chlorine and chloramine from your water and make consumption safer.

High-Quality Products for Safer Water

Home water filtration systems, high-quality carbon filters, and reverse osmosis systems can be highly efficient in removing chlorine and chloramines from water. For instance, the ProMate 6.0 water filtration system from Peninsula Water can be an effective tool in removing contaminants from water. The filter is designed to reduce tastes, odors, and dissolved organic chemicals from water supplies. It comes equipped with Aero-Sorb Filtration Systems, Multi-Media Filtration Systems, and Acid-Neutralizing Filtration Systems which make the water from your tap cleaner and safer. For expert advice, you can reach out for a consultation with Peninsula Water – the leading name in water filtration solutions!

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