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No matter how good your tap water may seem, there are lurking micro-organisms that work as viruses and can cause various water-borne diseases to you and your loved ones. Taking the right steps to understand and prevent this from happening is crucial for a happy and healthy environment. Below is a guide about everything you need to know about viruses from drinking water and how to get the right water solution to prevent them.

3 Essential Facts About Drinking Water Viruses!

  • Your Tap Water is Safe from Coronavirus
Currently, there is no indication that COVID-19 spreads through water. In the US, tap water is regulated by the Environment Protection Agency (EPA). According to the agency, COVID-19 does not spread through public water systems. Instead, the virus transmits through air and surface contact. However, if you are a homeowner with a private well, it is best to call a professional to test the water to reduce viruses and pathogens.

  • Temperature, Light, and pH levels influence Bacteria Growth
The temperature and the surrounding environment of the drinking water determine the growth of viruses and bacteria in the water. An improperly managed sewage system, untreated water source, floods, the release of industrial chemicals, and more can leave your water supply susceptible to viruses and other dangerous pathogens. Hence, ensure that your water source doesn’t have corroded or leaking pipes and proper sanitation is maintained. With residential water treatment systems, you can clear out harmful micro-organisms from polluted water sources for clean and contamination-free drinking water.

  • Hepatitis, Norovirus, and rotavirus Are Common Water Viruses
The most common types of water-borne viruses are hepatitis, norovirus, and rotavirus. These deadly water diseases spread rapidly and can impact your health severely. These viruses affect children and the elderly and impact your immune system. To prevent these viruses, you need to send a water sample to a lab and get it tested. Based on the test results, you need to choose an effective water treatment that best suits your needs.

Popular Water Solutions To reduce Water Viruses!

  • Reverse Osmosis Systems
RO systems are an effective, reliable, and cost-effective residential and commercial water treatment system that reduces micro-organisms and contaminants from untreated water with a pre-filter, semipermeable membrane, and post-filter to enhance water quality. Besides impurities, RO systems also help in reducing water hardness levels for improved taste and odor of drinking water.

  • Ultraviolet Purification
Ultraviolet purification helps disinfect bacteria from drinking water using an ultraviolet light system. This technology destroys the DNA of bacteria, leaving them unable to grow further. They are specially designed to treat wastewater and purify drinking water.

  • Water Distillers
A distiller is a water treatment system that provides bacteria-free drinking water by converting water into vapor and then condensing it back to liquid. It reduces fluorides, dissolved solids, and more for total contamination reduction and purity.

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