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Even though iron is an integral component of our diet to function properly, it is equally toxic if consumed in high quantities. If you are not aware of the hazards of iron water, let us tell you about the aftereffects of iron water and the cure for the same. Excessive iron in water may have severe consequences if not treated on time. The water you receive from your taps must be inspected to check the saturation level. Upon inspection, the engineers will then install suitable iron water filters to cure the toxicity of hard water that enters your house. Hard water is not just unfit for consumption but also incredibly harmful to your hair and skin. The high iron content also damages your walls, sinks, kitchen and bathroom floors. Sometimes it damages utensils and kitchenware too. Below are a few hazards caused by iron water that you must stay clear of with suitable iron water filters.

Harmful Effects of Iron Water:

  • Did you know that iron water can be damaging to your hair? Once absorbed by your follicles, the contaminants in hard water may cause hair discolouration leading to dryness and brittleness. The water may also cause a foul odour and a light-coloured orange tint to your hair.
  • The harm is no less when it comes to your skin. Excessive iron in water can damage skin cells leading to early wrinkles. Additionally, dissolved minerals in water like iron and magnesium components may cause deposits of soap scum, clogging your skin pores. It leaves you with unattractive skin and may cause diseases like acne or eczema if the iron content in water is invariably high.
  • The harm caused by iron water is not limited to your health but adversely affects your house. One of the worst repercussions of high iron content in water is the ugly orange stains it leaves behind. Your laundry, kitchen and bathroom floor, kitchenware, sinks, and tubs are left with stubborn stains of iron deposits. The stain is ugly to look at. It also renders the place or item unsanitary and, most of the time, cannot be cleaned entirely.
  • Another typical problem homeowners face the suspended rust particles and iron constituents clogging the pipes and drainage system. If the accumulation continues, it may damage your pipes, tanks, and appliances like geysers, washing machines, dishwashers and hot tubs.

How Does Iron Water Filter Cure Hard Water?

Ideally, an iron water filtration unit has a “media bed,” similar to a water softener. But in most cases, the media bed is not resin but contains an oxidising agent like manganese dioxide. When tap water passes through this filter, the oxidising agent traps soluble ferrous iron and oxidises it to an insoluble state. This process allows the iron water filter to capture the iron precipitate and frees the water of iron particles. You can maintain the system with periodic backwashing to eliminate the precipitated iron from the media bed. It helps to regenerate the capability of the media bed. With proper maintenance, the standard lifespan of an iron water softener can go up to 15 years. If you want clean, sparkling iron-free water in your residential or commercial space, it is best if you use the combination of an iron water filtration system and water softeners. While one system effectively eliminates sediments and contaminants from tap water, the other system is an expert at curing the hardness of the water. For best results, we recommend you use both!

Where to Find a Reliable Iron Water Filter Supplier?

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