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We often underestimate the impurities present in our drinking water because they are invisible to the naked eye. Even though water pouring from your tap looks crystal clear, it may be contaminated with heavy metals and other toxic contaminants, including iron. Many homeowners are surprised when they first install water filters. Or the filters are changed for the first time. They realise how impure and contaminated their drinking water can be. Most of the time, the water is loaded with iron, sand sediments, clay, and other harmful components of soil. Even though the local water treatment plants try to eliminate iron with old methods – raising the pH levels and purifying the water with sand beds – the iron content remains the same. You may assume that the water leaving the treatment plants is clean, but bits of iron still manage to seep into the water through pipes. This occurrence takes place because most lines are exposed to oxygen, which results in rust production and the freeing of iron particles. As soon as the iron particles are released into water, they enter the water stream and become inseparable from water. Do you know how hazardous this dissolved iron can be for your family? Let us quickly glance through some of the common adverse health hazards of excess iron in your drinking water.

Excess Iron Causes Skin Diseases

Did you know that excess iron in your bathing water can potentially damage your skin beyond repair? If your skin is constantly exposed to water containing high amounts of iron, you are running the risk of suffering from acne, rash, itchiness, and other skin conditions. If you are not quick with installing iron removal filters, you may have to face serious consequences. Iron can clog up your pores, reducing the breathing ability of your skin and causing breakouts. The iron components can also damage your body’s skin cells, causing them to wrinkle earlier. If you notice a family member regularly suffers from some skin disease, the real culprit may be iron. Even though medications may help, it is best if you install iron removal filters at your place to reduce iron from your water.

Excess Iron Enables Bacteria to Multiply Quicker

You may not be aware of this, but it is indeed true. For most bacteria, even a tiny iron particle is home sweet home to sustain and thrive. Micro-sized bits of iron are great hosts for bacteria, some of which are harmful to humans. Once these bacteria enter your body, they can multiply quickly and render you sick.

Excess Iron Tends to Damage Your Organs

It is established that our body requires iron to cater to specific biological processes, such as absorbing and transporting oxygen in our blood. But if your iron levels get too high, it can potentially harm your internal organs. The body tends to store iron in various organs such as the heart, kidneys, pancreas, and liver. If iron accumulation starts in these organs, it may lead to severe consequences, including iron poisoning.

Excess Iron May Damage Your Hair

It is not just your skin and organs that iron can damage. Excess iron in your bathing water can ruin the quality of your hair, making it rough, brittle, and lustreless. If the iron content in your bathing water is exceptionally high, it may also lead your hair to give out an ugly orange hue and foul smell. In most cases, people also suffer from excess hair loss due to weakened follicles. The iron tends to settle on your scalp and clogs the opening, cutting out the oxygen supply from your hair roots. This results in excess hair fall and damaged hair.

Where to Find the Best Iron Removal System?

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