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Water softeners are becoming extremely popular with homeowners because of the benefits they provide. Hard water is a reality and its impact on your health and the lifespan of your fixtures and appliances is extremely damaging. While installing a water softener for your home makes sense, you may wonder if getting a commercial water softener for your small office is worth the money. Your concern is not baseless. However, the truth is that the damage caused by hard water remains severe regardless. Here are the top reasons why you should get a commercial water softener for your office too! But before that here’s a glance at the working of a water softener!

How Do Water Softeners Work

Water softeners exchange calcium and magnesium ions and replace them with those of a more desirable substance such as sodium. This ion replacement is undertaken in a tank that is filled with polystyrene beads. These beads are negative in charge and facilitate the ion exchange when water flows through the beads.

Top Reasons for Investing in a Water Softener

  • Reduce the Impact of Hard Water
Did you know that a residential water softener can reduce the issues arising out of hard water by a whopping 40 percent? Hard water is rich in mineral ions, especially calcium and magnesium. These minerals react with metal plumbing, heat, and chemical agents and cause damage to appliances and fixtures.

  • Save Energy
Hard water not only reduces the life span of your appliances but also brings down their efficiency. For example, hard water can increase the time needed to heat water in a geyser. The scaling that hard water causes acts as a barrier causing the water heater to work harder and longer to give you the temperature you need. As a result, your electricity bill will shoot up! Getting a residential water treatment unit can help you save money on electricity bills!

  • Save Water
Hard water causes scaling in your appliances and fixtures. As a result, water does not flow freely out of your tap, which gets congested because of the scaling. Hence, you use a lot more water each time you take a bath, use the washbasin, or do the dishes and laundry. Water softeners can help you save a lot of water which is otherwise wasted.

  • Save on Soap
Is there a lot of consumption of soap in your office? The unusually high consumption of soap is because of the hardness of the water flowing through your taps. Soaps do not lather enough with hard water. A water softener can reduce this wastage of soap by making the water softer.

  • Lower Maintenance and Repair Costs
Are you spending a lot of money on maintenance and repairs every month? If yes, blame the hard water running through your pipes! Hard water causes scaling and clogging in taps, pipes, and all other plumbing fixtures. If you are tired of spending so much on repairs every month, get a water softener for your office. On getting a water softener installed, you will notice a rise in the efficiency of your fixtures and appliances. You can save money on regular repairs, excessive soap, and aggressive cleaning solutions. Need expert advice? Reach out to the experts at Peninsulawater – the leading name among water softener companies in Maryland!

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