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Iron is one of the essential nutrients required to consume a balanced diet and have a healthy life. However, excessive iron content can have an adverse impact on the body. Especially if the iron is consumed through our drinking water. Not only is the excess iron harming your body, but the unfiltered dirt that iron particles carry along further contaminates your drinking water. If you find a yellow tint and a slight metallic taste in the water you get in your place, know that it is due to the presence of iron in an excessive quantity. Sometimes, due to the high concentration of iron in water, the colour of the water turns yellow or light brown. Consuming or using this tainted water can be harmful, damaging to your home appliances, and even harmful to your plants. So, how do you get rid of this prevalent issue? You install the best iron removal filter in town. Having an iron filter installed in your place is the best solution to get rid of the stains and smells from the water. It works to reduce the contaminants in water, purifying and making it fit for drinking and other uses. To help you understand better, we’ve put together a list of benefits that iron water filters offer:

1. Removal of Sulfur and Rust

Excess iron in the water causes the appliances using it to rust and corrode quickly, while an excessive amount of sulfur results in a pungent, rotten egg smell. In addition to removing iron from the water, these filters also eliminate sulfur and manganese, producing fresh-tasting, odorless water.

2. Sediment Removal

Sediments are the impurities in the form of small particles that you often see at the bottom of a container full of stagnant water. If these are present in large quantities, the water becomes unfit for use and drinking. Iron water filters can be effectively used to reduce such impurities from the water. They can reduce sediments as tiny as 20 – 40 microns, providing pure, clear water.

3. Low Maintenance

Iron filters are the perfect, low-maintenance solution to your home water needs. With minimal maintenance, you are not only preserving the quality of drinking water, but you are also preventing your walls, floors, and appliances from being damaged. They have a controller that automatically initiates a regeneration cycle based on the number of gallons of water passing through the system or the number of days they have been put to use. During the cleaning process, the trapped particles are flushed to drain. So all you need to do is have them checked regularly at least twice a year inclusive of changing the filters to get the best result.

4. Reduces the Damage to Your Showers and Other Fixtures

The brownish stains on household fixtures are iron stains that can corrode their surface and reduce their shelf life. Iron tends to attack the nuts and bolts fixed in your home appliances (geyser, washing machine, dishwasher, hand dryer, etc) and reduces the appliances’ longevity. Installing an iron water filter will keep a check on these attacks and preserve the life of your home appliances. In addition to getting rid of the chemicals, iron water filters also help reduce rust stains, minimizing damage to pipes, showers, tubs, buckets, etc. Besides this, an iron water filter will also preserve the quality and life of your clothes and help them last longer.

5. Free of Chemicals

Most iron removal filters do not use chemicals to purify water. There are several techniques in which an iron water filter can sieve iron particles from your drinking water. Our ProMate 6 Hellenbrand product uses ozone to eliminate the need for using chemicals, being environmentally responsible as well. An iron removal filter also eliminates the need for mixing of chemicals such as chlorine, potassium permanganate, and hydrogen peroxide.

6. Gives Pure Drinking Water

The quality of drinking water is considerably enhanced by installing a water filter in your place. An iron water filter gives you better drinking water that is free of odor and any harmful chemicals. The iron filter also eliminates other harmful pollutants that may have entered your water through iron particles.

We Have the Best Iron Filters to Provide You with Purified Water

At Peninsula Water Conditioning Inc., we strive to provide technologically advanced equipment and quick solutions to your water needs. Our iron removal filters are engineered to give their best performance and last longer than your expectations. We have an efficient team of trained personnel to adhere to your requirements. For more information about our Hellenbrand products and associated services, get in touch with our technicians by calling (410) 341-6500 or toll-free 800-616-2644.


Can Iron Filters reduce Sulfur and Rust?

Yes. Iron water filters like our Hellenbrand ProMate 6 Iron Curtain Jr Storm can help reduce sulfur and manganese from water, in addition to eliminating iron. It produces fresh-tasting, odorless water.

How Much Maintenance Does an Iron Water Filter Need?

Iron filters are the ideal, low-maintenance solutions when it comes to residential water treatment systems. Our Hellenbrand iron filter comes with self-diagnostic software that indicates operation sequence, flow rates, time and maintenance schedule, and more. All you need to do is have it examined at least twice a year, including changing the filters to get the best result.

Can Iron Filters Get Rid of Sediments?

Our iron water filter is quite effective when it comes to removing sediments as tiny as 20 microns to 40 microns, providing clean water for drinking, cooking, and other uses.

Are the Iron Filters Free of Chemicals?

Our ProMate 6 Hellenbrand iron water filter uses ozone. This way, it eliminates the need for using chemicals such as potassium permanganate, chlorine, and hydrogen peroxide. Also, it is environmentally friendly.
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